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A Caring Advocate For The Family

The unexpected loss of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences in life. In addition to emotional loss, the death of a spouse, child or elderly parent because of someone else’s negligence can cause a permanent loss of income, love, affection and support.
Our law firm can help your family navigate the challenges of dealing with the wrongful death of a loved one. We have decades of experience investigating accident details and negotiating with insurance companies. Our long personal injury history has shown us that insurance companies will offer you far less than the value of your wrongful death claim. You need an experienced attorney who will fight on your behalf.
Here are a few examples of fatal accidents that our Dawsonville office can help you with:

A Wrongful Death Lawyer For Car And Truck Collisions

Vehicle accidents, especially those between a truck and a passenger car, can be fatal. Commercial vehicles towing trailers often weigh many tons and the difference in size can turn an ordinary accident into a deadly crash. If your family member dies as the result of a truck or car collision, please contact our office for help.

A North Georgia Attorney For Loved Ones Killed In A Factory Accident

Production and factory workers are often required to work around machinery that is unsafe or poorly maintained. Accidents in the workplace can cause burns, electrocutions, amputations and crush injuries that may turn deadly. A factory accident that causes death is a major claim for an insurance company and it will employ teams of experts and lawyers to minimize the loss. Attorney York has over 20 years of experience helping the families of factory and production workers throughout all of North Georgia protect their rights and secure compensation for their loved ones killed or seriously injured in a plant disaster.

An Honest And Straightforward Lawyer

Call or email for an appointment with Attorney Chris York. There is no charge. He will answer your questions and tell you honestly whether he can help. Time is a factor, so contact us today by calling 678.893.0411 or using the form.