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Referring A Workers’ Compensation Case Is Good Business

Workers’ compensation is a specialized practice area and not a profitable one for many law firms in Atlanta and North Georgia. Obtaining full case value requires a comprehensive knowledge of statutes, case law, and Georgia State Board rules to successfully position the claim for settlement or litigation. Effective litigation demands experience to analyze the issues, depose the parties, gather relevant medical evidence, prepare the client for testimony and win at trial.
Our lawyer referral program can be a a better and more profitable business plan for your firm’s workers’ compensation cases. Our standard referral fee is 35 percent of the total fee we receive on any lump sum obtained for your client. Not all cases merit this fee and not all cases are acceptable for referral. Controverted claims and claims with existing medical disputes may warrant a lesser rate. The fee division is determined at the time of referral and documented in our confirming letter. We document all referrals to comply with Georgia Bar Rule 1.5.
Contact our Dawsonville firm and Attorney Chris York will come to your office to discuss our referral program. Your client relationships will remain intact, client depositions can be held at your office, you will have complete access to the file and we will report regularly on the progress of the case.

Workers’ Compensation Is Not Profitable For Many Law Firms

Contingency fees are set at 25 percent by law and costs are normally advanced by the attorney. Managing a worker’s compensation claim requires many hours of lawyer and staff time to deal with client issues, late checks, prescription problems and treatment delays. Litigation over the denial of medical treatment is common and generally produces no fee. Serious injury cases can last for years and there is no mechanism to force a settlement. An increasing number of public and private employers do not settle workers’ compensation cases, or do so only rarely as funding permits.

Why Lawyers Refer Cases To Attorney Chris York

Chris York has many years of experience representing claimants and litigating workers’ compensation cases. He can efficiently and effectively manage a claim toward settlement or trial. He has extensive trial and mediation experience and has appeared before many of the state’s administrative law judges, both in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia. He will meet with you at your office and evaluate your client’s case. If the case is appropriate for referral, he will take over all aspects of claim management, pay all future costs, and regularly update you on the status of the claim.

Call Chris York To Discuss Your Referral

To speak with Attorney Chris York, please call 678.893.0411 or contact us.